Dear Daffodils: The Corn Exchange

Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Corn Exchange

Whilst I've been in Leeds, I have visited the Corn Exchange! The Corn Exchange is an architectural beauty in the city centre. It was built in the 1860s and was funnily enough, where they exchanged corn.

Nowadays, the Corn Exchange is the home of lots of cute little boutiques and quirky shops.

My first buy was this beautiful dream catcher. I hope it stops all my nightmares! I have been wanting a dream catcher for a while now, but I hadn't come across the right one until I saw this one. I love the colours and all the little beads. A great addition to my room!

This decoration was a bit more difficult to get a decent picture of! It's a long jingley ornament. I am not sure what it is called! Basically, there are lots of embellished hearts and beads on a string. At the bottom is a bell and it jingles when ever I walk past it. I just loved the ethnic look of it.

We went to a vintage boutique too and I bought some jewellery. I love the pocket watch necklace, it actually works too which is a bonus. There are also these cute daisy earrings which are so kitsch.

Have you ever been to the Corn Exchange or is there anywhere else in Leeds you can recommend?
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  1. I love all these pretty sweet pieces, so adorable.

  2. That sounds like a lovely place to spend a day and I love all your new purchases!! So cute!