Dear Daffodils: Nice Pins!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Nice Pins!

Recently I've been looking for inspiration for my new university room! I am staying in the Halls of Residence, so my room is going to be a blank canvas and very bland. I want my little personal space to be homely and pretty so I've been browsing Pinterest for some ideas.

Here I love the fairy lights which help break up the blank wall and provide a bit of warmth. I also like how it looks like it's an organised mess! Yes, there are bits of clutter everywhere, but it's been put together in a beautiful way.

In a small room, storage is a must! A shelf like this would be perfect for storing all my little nicknacks. I'm a big fan of the flowers too! In a room drained of colour, it's always good to add a bit of life and greenery.

The fairy lights are back again! That's not all that I fancy though. I think the pictures on the wall are a good idea and I could put some photographs of home up in my own room. I have lots of cushions for my new bed and will definitely put them to use! The bed in this picture looks so cosy.

Want to know where these pictures are from? Just click on them and it'll lead you to the pinned image from Pinterest.

What kind of decorations do you love? Do you enjoy personalising your own space?

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  4. That first photo is just magical.

  5. I know, it's my inspiration. :')