Dear Daffodils: Part Time Job: Survival Guide

Friday, 26 July 2013

Part Time Job: Survival Guide

Photo credit to Chris Moss

For the last year and a half I've been saving up for university because my student loan is too small to cover the costs of living. To earn money, I had to take up a part time job and work on weekends and holidays as well as having to balance it with college. It's been difficult at times, but well worth it!

My part time job requires me to work in a small supermarket and serve customers. I'm usually stood behind the till and sometimes it gets very tedious. The long hours just standing on my feet are not fun. I wanted to share some tips with you and give some advice on how to make it seem less mundane.

  1. Remember to Treat Yourself
    When pay day comes, remember to get yourself a little something. A bit of retail therapy always cheers me up and reminds you that if you didn't have a job, you wouldn't be able to treat yourself.
  2. Think of the Big Picture
    Why are you working? It could be to save up for something special (in my case, university) or to get you one step closer to your ideal job. Working is important and all the experience you gain is really useful.
  3. It Motivates You
    Sometimes when I'm at work, I get really bored especially when there's nothing to do. Then I think about what it'd be like to do this same job for the next fourty years - It's not a pretty thought. This motivates me to do well in my studies so that I can have a better job in the future.
  5. Improves your Character
    At work, I am always in view of the public! Most customers are lovely and kind, although you do get a few rude ones. I think this really helps you develop your people skills and definitely improves your confidence as you are forced to speak to strangers.
  7. You'd Rather be Bored and Earning Money for it
    I know part time jobs aren't very exciting, but you'd probably end up getting bored at home (I do)! At least you're getting paid for being bored. Just think of the money!
 I hope my advice helps someone out there. Are you tired of your job at all? What would be your ideal career? I can't wait to start designing more and hopefully one day I'll be able to do that full time because that's my passion and I take all my design work very seriously.

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