Dear Daffodils: Erstwilder Beagle Brooch Review

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Erstwilder Beagle Brooch Review

Hello! I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas.
One of my favourite presents was from my twin sister. She got me a beautiful beagle brooch designed by Erstwilder. Erstwilder jewellery is designed by Melbourne artist, Louisa Camille, so it's traveled a long way to see me. Her jewellery is full of fun and each character in the collection has its own personality. It brings sunshine to my day.

The layered resin brooch has such a cute and quirky appearance which I really love. It's so different and I have already been complemented on it. The beagle's name is Beatrice and she sports a pink and blue leopard print coat. Super stylish! It's such an appropriate brooch because we have a beagle named Honey so I'm no stranger to these cute creatures.

My only worry is that I'll break it because it is made from resin, so I have to be extra careful not to drop it, but I don't think I will. I'm always cautious and the brooch is of a very high quality and makes a fabulous gift. Erstwilder is also on Facebook and Pinterest.

If you're interested in Erstwilder jewellery, you can find all their stockists here.

What animal would you like to see as some jewellery?

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  1. A beautiful brooch - with lots of personality! C: I love how your reviews include lots of photos.

  2. No wonder you and your sister look so alike, I didn't know you were twins! All their brooches are really cute~

  3. Haha! Yes we are, but I guess I never really mention it much. :)
    Thanks very much, Becky. ♥

  4. Adorable! I'd like some bird jewelry. I call birds my "spirit animal" because I'm sort of obsessed with them. :)

  5. Thanks Sage. I love birds too, they're beautiful creatures. :) ♥ I'm obsessed with owls at the moment.

  6. I know! There's so much cute jewellery. ♥ It was one of my favourite gifts.

  7. that is a gorgeous broach (and beagles are in my favourite top three dogs :)

    now following you - please will you read my latest post here

    Happy new year xx