Dear Daffodils: What do you do about a Dilemma?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

What do you do about a Dilemma?

I'm facing such a predicament and I feel as though all the stuffing has been knocked out of me.
I've been applying to university, but nothing has been going right for me and I'm yet to receive an offer which is frustrating because I feel as though I'm working so hard.

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I was planning on studying architecture at university this year, but now I worry... Is this the right course for me? If I can't get into the university I want to is there any point in going this year (for £9,000 fees)? I'm having such a wobble.

Now I just don't know where to apply because all of them have entry requirements of AAB or AAA and I'm not even sure if I'll get a B in Physics this year.

Fortunately, I've come up with a back-up plan which is studying on the Foundation Course for Art & Design which is a year long and the college just up the road is recruiting at the moment for this course. I've applied there because I hear that art universities really like this degree. It's just a shame because I'd set my heart on university this year so I'll be disappointed if I have to spend another year stuck in my hometown.

I'm sorry to be so negative!  I've just had a really bad run of bad luck and set-backs.  Here are pros and cons of taking the foundation course:

♥ I'll be able to develop my artistic skills further.
I can think more whether architecture is the right course for me.
♥ I can spend more time working and save up for another year.
♥ I may be able to get into a better university.

♥ I won't be going to university this year.
♥ I'll have to stay in my home town for another year.
♥ I'll have to reapply to UCAS and go through the whole process again.
I guess when weighing up the pros and cons... maybe the Foundation Course would be good. I just hate this disorganisation and not knowing where I'll be or what I'll be doing next year. Life changing decisions are so difficult!

Can anyone offer some words of wisdom? Have you been through the university process?


  1. Hiya Abigail! Sounds pretty stressful all this! :/
    To be honest I don't know the difference between college and uni, having not had the chance myself yet to go to either. Looking at your pros and cons list, the best option if all else fails would be to take that course near home. My question though is: would it actually be a course that interests you? I know you could of course learn something beneficial from it, but whether a year's lessons on the topic would really keep your interest or not, is what I'd be curious to know. If you think yes, then it's definitely an option you'd want to be keeping open. n_n

    If really absolutely everything else fails, join Horizons or another Christian organisation near you, and go work abroad a few months at a time! xD

    1. Oh sorry forgot to say this is Joanna of THMB & ^-^"

    2. Hi Joanna,
      In England college is where you go from 16-18 to get A-levels which you then use to get into university (higher education) from age 18 onwards. Although some colleges do degrees. It's confusing.

      Architecture used to interest me, and still does but I don't know if I could commit to it for the 3 year course. I can apply to a different course such as fine art or illustration, but I need to think about what I want to do.

      That's a really good idea! The worst thing for me would be if I ended up doing nothing but my part time job at the supermarket. That'd be awful! I want to do something productive.

      Thanks so much for your advice Joanna. ♥ I really appreciate it.

  2. I hope all gointg to the rigt way for you. Many blesses from here. Sweetie now I´m following you i hope your follow me back.


    1. Thanks so much! ♥ You're so kind. :) I'm following you back on Google.

  3. I hope that everything will be ok. Great blog, so I'm a new follower =)

    1. Thank you Diana. ♥ I appreciate it.

  4. I know it's hard when you don't know how things will work out, but things always seem to work out for the best in the long run. Just hang in there and see where it takes you... you might be pleasantly surprised. :)

    1. Thank you Erica. ♥
      I hope so! My favourite saying is that everything happens for a reason.

  5. Always follow your dreams and do what you like to do the most ^o^ good luck!

    1. Thanks so much! ♥ I will go ahead and follow my dream.

  6. Foundation courses are an excellent way to decide what you really love doing. Most people I know went to uni after doing a foundation course and seem more sure about their art/fashion style and what they want to do after it. I personally really wish I'd done a foundation year and not gone straight to uni, as I think I was a little young and immature to be making decisions about my future when I was 18 (this is just me though, you may be a ton more focused and ready for it!)
    Good luck! And don't be downheartened if you end up doing the foundation course and not going straight to uni! Just think of it as a year to develop your skills further :)

    1. Thank you!
      I appreciate some advice from somewhere who has been there and done that. ♥
      I think I need that extra time to think about things because I'm still in a muddle. I'm just disappointed because I'd set my heart on uni.

      Thanks for your advice! ♥